Combining The Web’s Most Powerful Tools To Drive Investor Interaction

Social Media Relations (SMR) Strategy

Research demonstrates that while small public companies favor Twitter and Facebook for their investor relations strategy compared to larger companies, both small and large enterprises tend to trend toward the use of social media for investor relations, as compared with mid-sized companies.

It makes sense that large public companies have access to resources needed to use social media most effectively, and that they are inclined to use the tools available because their competitors are doing it. Smaller companies reap the largest benefits from integrating social media into their investor relations effort due to the low cost of social media and the potentially large footprint and visibility it creates for their public brand.

Public companies have the responsibility of shifting with the times and providing information beyond an occasional press release and quarterly earnings call. In an age of immediate communication and convenience, it is important that companies recognize and meet investors' needs for information. Social media is a powerful solution.

SMR enhances a company's investor relations and overall communication strategy by establishing a visible presence that invites dialogue with the investment community. A strong social media-based communications strategy provides the company with access to a vast amount of investor information and offers a valuable tool to analyze and take advantage of changing communication trends.

While social media communications vastly differ from previous means such as press releases and conference calls, the tools should be used in much the same way – with accuracy and consistency.

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