Combining The Web’s Most Powerful Tools To Drive Investor Interaction

About MissionSMR

MissionSMR leverages the incredible dynamics of social media that set it apart as a leading and preferred means of communication among businesses, investors, and consumers. Peeling back layer by layer, we get to the core of how your company can fully maximize social media, and execute the plan for you. This is more than a Facebook or Twitter account – this is pulling out the big guns to help you get noticed and stay on top.

MissionSMR has a stellar history of using Social Media Relations (SMR) tactics. It started as we set out to improve and raise awareness of our other brands; when we sat back and realized our success with SMR, we got on the drawing board to see how we could offer our experience and knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

What we discovered was that by integrating IR, PR, and SMR, we had created a potent cocktail of communication strategies that bridged us with Internet users, consumers, and investors. Turns out, we're pretty good at bartending.

Because of today's expectations for "real-time" dissemination of information, it is vital to an organization's success that it has the ability to maintain a fresh and relevant online "voice" through complementary aspects of IR or social media. The grid is already in place, we're just adding power to it.

We believe the key for a successful SMR campaign is identifying who our clients want to reach and which facets of our client's products, service, and offerings will most resonate with that target audience. From there, we launch a battle strategy to get and keep our clients on the frontline via the strongest and most wide-reaching social media tools.

Unique Advantages
  • Deliver news and key investment highlights to targeted audiences
  • Establish presence on prominent investor-oriented sites
  • Generate buzz with wide distribution and consistent communication
  • Optimize and refine social networking strategy
  • Develop strategies where fans recruit new fans
  • Add power and reach to existing investor relations programs
  • Strategic execution
  • Specialized expertise
  • Proven results
  • Prompt 24/7 service