Combining The Web’s Most Powerful Tools To Drive Investor Interaction

Social Media Relations (SMR) Solutions

The power and reach of social media easily out-weigh traditional investor relations, but that doesn't nix the value of a traditional investor relations program. Our solutions combine SMR with existing investor relations strategies, leveraging the ability to communicate via dynamic channels to reinforce the message already created and endorsed by the company.

We begin with an initial baseline audit of your company and follow through to social media management to ensure sustained corporate reputation. We have the tools, experience, and expertise to cultivate mutually beneficial and solid relationships between our clients and their target audience.

Our programs are strategically orchestrated to inspire thought and stimulate action. Sometimes that calls for generating a strong social media platform or firing off press coverage. Other times, it's communicating a message directly to customers through one of several social media platforms, or through blog, video, or online presentation.

At MissionSMR, we've got three dynamic SMR packages for you to choose from:




Boost Email Marketing Program and Optimize Conversion Rate of Web Traffic Yes    
Video Production and Distribution Service to Reach All Corners of the Web Yes    
Launch Mobile Version of Company Website for Smartphone Users Yes    
Complete Consultation and Evaluation of All Online Material and Handouts Yes    
Blogs and Articles Distributed to 18+ Blog and Message Board Platforms Yes Yes  
Leverage Extensive Online Social Network to Maximize Exposure Yes Yes  
Use Proven Strategies to Spread the Word and Build an Audience Yes Yes Yes
Recommend Various Marketing Tactics for More Exposure Yes Yes Yes
Optimize and Refine Social Networking Strategy Yes Yes Yes
Setup Facebook and Twitter Profile Yes Yes Yes